Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fish! on the App Store

Get Fish! now! Here is the link to the App Store.

Fish features:
- A realtime 2D SPH fluids solver that gives you rolling waves and swirls. Fluid simulation responds to your iphone device's tilting events!

- Choose from an assortment of fish or use your own from the iphone's photo library

- Play the normal game, earn points by collecting gold

- Unlock the Free-Style aquarium mode and make your own virtual aquarium!

- Collect beautiful medal images generated by your playing style

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fish! The iphone app with swimming critters!

Hello there! Welcome to the support site for Fish!

The game is composed of the following modes:

Play Game - play the game, get your fish to collect gold nuggets by dropping food in the water

Free Style - A sort of virtual aquarium mode. Click on the fish icon on the top to drop fish into the water!

Select Fish - choose your fish from a given selection or add your custom fish from your photo library

Medal Images - You earn medal images as you gain enough points. View your collected medal images here.

Fish Control:
Tap anywhere on the screen to drop food. Your fish will then swim to the location of the food. That's it! It's really simple.

When you first download the game, the modes Free-Style and Fish Selection will be locked. Play the game, gain points to unlock those modes!

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